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How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help Me?

After a truck accident, victims may question whether they really need a lawyer – especially if they are already receiving settlement offers. For truck accident victims looking to maximize their results and minimize the stress of handling complex truck accident injury cases, the answer is “yes.”

Having a skilled accident attorney on your side can make a big difference in:

  • The strength of your case
  • The legal outcomes and recoveries obtained
  • Your overall recovery and healing process.

Here’s why…

5 Important Ways a Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

When it’s time to move forward with a truck accident case and pursue recovery, a truck accident lawyer can help you by:

  1. Determining all liable parties – Knowing who’s at fault for a crash can be key to knowing how to move forward. A lawyer can review police reports and other evidence to identify when truck drivers, trucking companies, or others are responsible for causing crashes. Knowing all of the liable parties for a crash can be important in helping victims secure the full amount of compensation they deserve. It’s the only way to make sure a truck accident victim has access to all of the insurance funds available for a particular truck accident.
  2. Standing up to insurance companies – Insurers are usually not on victims’ sides after truck accidents. That’s usually because insurers tend to put their own profits/interests above the rights of accident victims, and because they’re often working for the at-fault party and not the victim. By hiring an attorney after a truck accident, though, injured people can prevent insurers from trying to compromise their rights or convince them to accept less compensation than they may deserve.
  3. Compiling all necessary evidence to support the case – This can take a lot of effort because evidence may come in the form of police reports, witness statements, accident reconstruction reports, expert witness testimony, black box data, etc. A skilled attorney has the insight, creativity, and resources to identify and gather all of the evidence necessary to build a strong case.
  4. Taking care of all of the complicated administrative work – From starting the case, to ordering and redacting medical records, to meeting all future court deadlines, a lawyer can handle all of this complicated work to move a case forward. This can be central to allowing truck accident victims to focus on their physical and mental recoveries while their cases continue to proceed.
  5. Protecting your rights throughout the process – When it’s time to present a case in court, negotiate a settlement, etc., a lawyer can provide the advocacy necessary to advance victims’ interests and help them obtain favorable outcomes. We know when truck accident victims should and shouldn’t give recorded statements, we know what personal records they should and shouldn’t disclose, and we know what questions from insurance companies or their lawyers they should and shouldn’t answer.

Added Value Provided by the Truck Accident Lawyers at Dormer Harpring

With Dormer Harpring, truck accident survivors, including families who have lost a loved one to a fatal truck crash, can expect all of the above services and benefits, as well as the following:

  • Personalized legal service – We limit our caseload and tailor our services to meet each of our clients’ needs and the specifics of their cases. We are focused on responding to clients’ concerns, keeping them informed about the progress of their case, and providing them with honest advice so they can make the best possible decisions for themselves and their families at every phase.
  • Compassionate support – We are focused on more than just the outcome of the case. We also care about helping accident victims get medical care and other support so they can heal and get their lives back to normal.
  • Contingency fee options – Our commitment to representing people from all walks of life means that we never charge for a consultation and that our legal fees are based only on the amount we recover.

We are proud to go the extra mile for accident survivors, and we are ready to put our knowledge, insight, and resources to work helping you.

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