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Denver Negligent Building Maintenance Attorneys

The owners and managers of the buildings where you live, work, and shop are generally required to maintain safe premises so you don’t get hurt on their properties. Part of this responsibility includes fixing any parts of the property that are in disrepair or are on their way to it. When such maintenance isn’t carried out, damaged and/or unsafe features on properties can cause serious accidents and injuries.

At Dormer Harpring, our lawyers know how to prove when negligent building maintenance has caused accidents and injuries. Effective at protecting our clients in any legal setting, we are ready to help you get onto the path to recovery following an accident on someone else’s property.

Common Examples of Negligent Building Maintenance

Failures to properly maintain buildings and properties can come in various forms. Some of the most common examples involve failures to repair and/or remove:

  • Flooring hazards, such as loose tiles or floorboards, holes or cracks in flooring, or fraying carpeting or rugs
  • Stair-related issues, such as loose or broken steps, loose or deteriorating handrails, or burnt-out lights in stairwells
  • Balcony- and deck-related issues, such as loose floorboards, broken railings, or unstable balconies/decks
  • Security-related issues, such as broken door locks, broken windows, or broken security cameras
  • Toxic or hazardous substances, such as asbestos, carbon monoxide and/or other fumes, toxic mold, or lead paint
  • Other hazards and issues, such as leaking water or gas pipes, broken or defective elevators, broken or defective escalators, broken gates around swimming pools, ceiling or roof issues, etc.

These and other forms of negligent building maintenance can cause accidents at various types of properties, including:

  • Retail stores, malls, and plazas
  • Grocery stores and restaurants
  • Bars and clubs
  • Parking garages
  • Private residences
  • Schools and libraries
  • Parks and sidewalks
  • Government buildings and properties

Negligent Building Maintenance Claims: More Important Information

  • Proving negligent building maintenance – To prove that negligent building maintenance has caused harm, it is not always necessary to prove that the negligent party (e.g., the owner or manager) knew about the dangerous condition and chose to ignore it. Instead, it may only be necessary to prove that the party should have known about the condition because a reasonable person in the same situation would have been aware of it (and would have repaired it).
  • Trespassing – While property owners and managers have a duty to maintain safe premises, this duty does not necessarily apply as strictly when trespassing is involved. In other words, if negligent building conditions lead to accidents that hurt trespassers, those injured parties may not necessarily be able to pursue recovery, because they did not have a right to be on the property in the first place.

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