Our Client Testimonials

The following reviews from our former clients speak to our personal service, unique representation, and record of success:

Highly Recommended

Sean made the whole process as easy on me as possible. He was personally available for any questions or concerns I had. He was great at getting in touch with me in a very timely manner with all updates on my case. I would recommend Sean to anyone looking for a great attorney who keeps you informed and works with you one on one. I was very impressed. Anyone looking for a knowledgeable, caring attorney give Sean Dormer a call. Highly recommended!!!!! – Audreia


Responsive, Communicative, Ethical

Sean Dormer was immediately responsive to my phone calls. I had a deadline and he was on top of getting back to me and answering questions. He is very intelligent and listens to specifics. Because of the time he took in consultation I was able to make a very good decisions for my situation (sic). Mr Dormer is tenacious and available. When I originally looked for an attorney other law firms would recommend him. Consider calling him for a consultation and get to know him as you make the important decision whether or not to be represented or in choosing the right counsel. – Kerry


Review of Mr. Dormer

I was in an auto accident in 2013. In 2014 I felt the need to seek the help of a lawyer in order to get my medical bills paid. I felt very helpless, especially when I started looking for a lawyer and nobody would help me. I was interviewed over the phone by many top law firms (the one’s that have commercials on television, saying that they are here to help you, we care) and they would not help me, because I was’nt disabled or hospitalized . In other words I was not injured enough to make them big money. They just want to make lots of money from you and did not care about anything else. Thankfully I did reach a law firm that referred me to Mr. Sean M. Dormer. I made an appointment with him and he took an interest in my case and has helped me with getting my doctor bills paid and a very nice and fair settlement. I was very impressed by his professional and caring personality. Yes I would recomment him very highly. (sic) – Anna


Everyone Matters

First and foremost I would just like to thank Sean Dormer for an outstanding job. You really worked hard to maximize the outcome of the case and I do appreciate it all the hard work. Sean Took my case in when he had a very full pallet nevertheless. he worked extremely hard to meet the needs of my individual case I would recommend Sean for any matter that would would think you need to speak to an attorney of law. (sic) – Anthony


Professional, trustworthy, and personal.

Sean was very polished and professional. I knew without a doubt I could trust him to get back to me quickly with answers to questions and updates on my case. Before I met Sean, the other party’s insurance company tried to get me to release information without a lawyer, and the whole thing confused me. He helped me understand all my rights in my personal injury case, and more importantly, knowing that he was dealing with the other party helped me sleep at night! I asked him for a stack of business cards and I will definitely recommend him to friends. – Kristin


Great Job

Sean helped me with an accident case where I hurt my back. Sean was able to help me get medical help without me having insurance until the case was settled. Sean was very responsive and didn’t give up fighting for me. – Brian


Professional and Trustworthy

Sean is professional and very helpful when it comes to helping his clients understand both the big and small picture. Sean explains things in terms I can understand and what all of the options are during the case. Sean is personable and easy to talk to without feeling intimidated. Sean worked on my workmen’s comp case and was instrumental in getting the negotiations moving and done in manner that benefited me. I was pleased with the outcome. Someone else in my family has hired Sean to work on an automobile injury case. – Cyndi



Thank you Sean. Very good experience with him. Would recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer. – Robert