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Colorado Motorcycle Laws: Important Information for Riders

Riders who know and comply with traffic laws, including Colorado motorcycle laws, can reduce their risk of a crash. If you or someone you love enjoys riding motorcycles in Colorado, becoming familiar with the following laws is important to making good riding habits so that every ride is as safe as possible.

Colorado Motorcycle Laws at a Glance

Motorcyclists are required to comply with the same general traffic laws as any other driver on the road. They are also obligated to follow the specific laws pertaining to riders, including:

  • Helmet and safety gear-related laws – Colorado helmet laws only require riders who are younger than 18 to wear DOT-approved safety helmets. In contrast, wearing some form of eye protection, like safety goggles or the visor of a helmet, is mandatory for all riders in Colorado.
  • Motorcycle equipment-related laws – These Colorado laws generally require that motorcycles have at least a left or right rear-view mirror, a muffler, and seats/footrests for any passengers. These laws do not require motorcycles to be equipped with turn signals, and they also don’t restrict the height of handlebars.
  • Riding-related laws, which specifically include:
    • Lane-sharing and lane-splitting laws that prohibit riders from passing or riding alongside of passenger vehicles in the same lane (or by splitting the lane/riding along the dividing line between lanes). These laws do not, however, prohibit motorcyclists from riding next to each other in a single lane of traffic.
    • Anti-clinging laws that prohibit motorcyclists from riding when their bikes are being towed by another vehicle or while holding onto another vehicle.
    • Passenger laws that require motorcycle passengers to sit behind the rider or in a side car (i.e., not in front of the rider). These laws also require passengers to use the provided footrests.

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