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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents often leave riders injured and distressed. Knowing what to do after these crashes happen, however, can help victims start to move forward, empowering them to protect their rights as they start to pick up the pieces.

What to Do after a Motorcycle Accident

  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible – Get checked out by emergency responders, go to the emergency room, and/or see your physician ASAP after a motorcycle accident. Early medical attention can be crucial to healing, and it can also be important to proving the severity of the injuries a rider suffered in the crash.
  • Call the police – In addition to helping victims get life-saving care, police will also investigate the accident, gather evidence, and record the important details in an official report. This police report can be critical later when it’s time to determine fault and pursue recovery. If you’re able to do so, stay calm and make sure the police hear the truth of what happened directly from you.
  • Exchange information with the other involved motorists – If possible, you should also try to exchange contact and driver/rider-related information with the other parties involved in the crash. That said, the police report can be a good source for this information in the future if riders are too badly injured to take this (or any other) step after a wreck.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene – Again only if possible, you should try to snap as many photos as possible of the crash scene. Pictures of the wreckage, including the damage to all involved vehicles and any surrounding property, can help establish fault, supporting victims’ accounts of what happened.
  • Report the crash to the insurance company – Once your health is no longer in danger, contacting the insurance company to report the crash will be another key step to take after a motorcycle accident. Given that insurers are not usually on victims’ sides or looking out for their interests following wrecks though, the next step is also essential for those who are serious about successfully recovering. Please keep in mind that you sometimes are not required to give a recorded statement, and that you sometimes don’t need to release your medical records directly to the insurance company.
  • Contact an attorney you can trust – This can be the first and most important step to take when riders are ready to protect their rights, stand up to insurance companies, and pursue compensation for their injuries and losses. Our attorneys can take care of all of the complicated work necessary to bring injured riders’ cases to successful resolutions. But most importantly, you can trust another rider not to lump you in with every other driver out there – to go the extra mile when that’s what you need. It’s true on the road, and it’s true in a law office.

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