Denver Products Liability Attorneys

Consumers generally have the right to expect that the products they purchase and use are safe and won’t cause them harm. Unfortunately, however, some profit-hungry manufacturers compromise consumers’ safety by bringing dangerous, faulty, or toxic products to market. Their decisions can cause serious harm to unsuspecting consumers.

When any type of dangerous product makes its way into consumers’ hands and causes harm, consulting an attorney can be essential to understanding the options for recovery.

At Dormer Harpring, our Denver products liability attorneys are dedicated to helping injured consumers recover from the harm caused by faulty products. Skilled at going up against large companies and corporate lawyers, we have the knowledge, insight, and resources necessary to:

  • Protect your rights at every phase of your case
  • Hold negligent manufacturers accountable for the harm they have caused
  • Bring even the most complex product liability cases to favorable resolutions

Products Liability Practice at Dormer Harpring

The products liability practice at Dormer Harpring is committed to providing aggressive legal advocacy to injured consumers. As part of this commitment, we handle various types of injury claims, such as those related to faulty or dangerous:

  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Medications, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs
  • Children’s toys and furniture
  • Household appliances and furniture
  • Motor vehicle equipment, including airbags, tires, seat backs, electronic systems, and children’s car safety seats
  • Sporting and recreational equipment, including defective rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and bicycling equipment
  • Lawn care and landscaping tools
  • Hardware, handiwork, and construction tools
  • Flooring materials, drywall, and other construction or building materials

For these and other product liability cases, we can prove when manufacturers or others have:

  • Failed to properly test the safety of their products
  • Failed to provide adequate instructions on how to safely use their products
  • Used toxic, hazardous and/or substandard materials in manufacturing products
  • Designed products to have inherent flaws or dangers
  • Made mistakes in the manufacturing process(es)
  • Failed to warn the public about the risks associated with their products.

Get onto the Path to Recovery: Contact a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer at Dormer Harpring

If you have been harmed by any type of defective, faulty, or dangerous product, contact a Denver personal injury lawyer at Dormer Harpring for unique representation as you get onto the path to recovery.

You can call us at (303) 747-4404 or email us via the contact form on this page to find out more about how we can help you. Our commitment to representing people from all walks of life means that we never charge for a consultation and that our legal fees are “contingent,” meaning they’re based only on the amount we recover.

From offices based in Denver, our attorneys provide exceptional representation to people throughout Denver County, Adams County, Boulder County, Arapahoe County, Jefferson County, and the state of Colorado.