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Denver Ski Accident Lawyer

Winter sports, including skiing, are popular in Colorado. While fun, skiing is dangerous, and victims of ski accident injuries can face enormous medical costs and lifelong physical limitations. If you or a loved one suffered injuries on any of Colorado’s ski slopes, you may be eligible receive compensation for your damages.

At Dormer Harpring, we are compassionate listeners and tough fighters for the victims of ski injuries. Our team offers more than courtroom advocacy; we provide services to our clients, such as:

  • Help to access medical care and accident care treatment
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How Can a Colorado Ski Accident Lawyer Help My Case?

A Denver ski accident attorney is crucial to any ski injury claim because of the complexity of Colorado ski injury law. Colorado laws limit the liability of ski area operators and other skiers partly due to the inherent risk involved in the sport of skiing. The ski injury lawyers at Dormer Harpring are well-versed in Colorado’s Ski Safety Act of 1979 and all common laws regarding negligence.

Our Denver personal injury lawyers will help your case by:

  • Reviewing all available evidence, including witness statements, logs from ski passes, and fitness tracking devices
  • Identifying potentially liable parties
  • Pursuing every source of compensation
  • Assessing the actual value of your claim
  • Demanding a settlement or award amount that will cover your personal, medical, and financial losses
  • Hiring any needed experts
  • Representing you in negotiations with insurance companies
  • Proceeding with a lawsuit and litigation if necessary

At Dormer Harpring, we know every client is unique and work to provide a custom resolution to their ski injury claim. Meet with one of our ski injury attorneys to discover the difference a client-centered legal practice can make in your recovery.

Colorado Ski Law

Colorado ski law is primarily in the Ski Safety Act of 1979 and within the Colorado Revised Statutes §33-44-100. The Act includes thirteen sections covering the duties of skiers and operators, limitations of liability, and the types of claims that a skier may bring for injuries.

Generally, a skier or snowboarder can obtain compensation from another skier or snowboarder resulting from a collision. The uphill skier or rider has a duty to maintain a safe distance behind a downhill skier. Therefore, the uphill skier is presumed liable in a collision with another skier or snowboarder.

Collision claims depend heavily upon witnesses and available objective data. Sources of ski data include:

  • Ski pass logs tracking the times and number of runs a skier makes in a day
  • Fitness tracking devices and applications that provide data on speed, location, and even the exact time of an incident
  • Other third-party tracking applications that trace a skier’s exact course and speed throughout the day

Ski area operators are mostly immune to liability for skier-on-skier collisions. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to find a source of funds for compensation. If the at-fault skier has homeowner’s insurance or an umbrella policy, that policy may provide coverage.

Skiers and snowboarders may obtain compensation from ski area operators for the following:

  • Lift malfunctions
  • Heavy machinery malfunctions or accidents
  • Improperly marked boundaries
  • In-bounds avalanches

However, there are limits on damages available from ski area operators.

Common Causes of Ski Accidents and Injuries

Skiers collide with more than snowboarders and other skiers. Ski areas themselves are dangerous and pose risks to those who use them. Common causes of ski accidents include the following:

  • Crashing into trees, fences, barriers, or signs
  • Chair lift accidents
  • Poorly instructed or trained skiers or snowboarders
  • Faulty ski or snowboarding equipment

Ski accident injuries range from mild to severe and can even cause death. Ski injuries can include:

  • Knee injuries
  • Broken and fractured legs
  • Wrist breaks and sprains
  • Broken and fractured ribs
  • Head and brain injuries including traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries, such as fractured vertebrae and paralysis

Ski accidents can occur at any ski resort in Colorado, including:

  • Echo Mountain Resort
  • Loveland Ski Area
  • Arapahoe Basin Ski Area
  • Eldora Mountain Resort
  • Winter Park Resort
  • Keystone Ski Resort
  • Copper Mountain Resort
  • Breckenridge Ski Resort
  • Vail Ski Resort
  • Granby Ranch
  • Beaver Creek Ski Resort
  • Ski Cooper
  • Aspen Mountain Ski Resort
  • Aspen Highlands Ski Resort

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