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Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recalls in 2022

January 31, 2023Product Liability

From 2016 to 2018, 2,211 deaths in the United States were associated with off-highway vehicles or OHVs, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Annually, OHVs are involved in an average of 100,000 emergency room visits and 700 deaths. While many of these accidents are caused by operator error, another significant issue is vehicle defects. In 2022, thousands of OHVs and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) were recalled due to dangerous product defects.


On April 28, 2022, a recall was announced for the Yamaha Competition Off-Road Motorcycle due to a crash hazard involving the gear shift assembly. According to the recall notice, the assembly can detach from the motorcycle’s crankcase. This can cause unintentional gear shifting while riding, potentially leading to a motorcycle accident. About 760 units were included in this Yamaha recall, although no incidents or injuries were reported.

The recalled vehicles were sold in blue and “Monster Energy Racing Edition.” Yamaha is contacting all registered owners of the recalled motorcycle directly. You can also find your VIN (stamped on the frame steering head) if you have one of these vehicles to see if it matches the recalled model numbers. If you do have one of the recalled motorcycles, you should discontinue its use immediately and contact your local Yamaha dealer to schedule free repairs.


Textron Specialized Vehicles, a manufacturing company based in Augusta, Georgia, recalled around 2,300 Arctic Cat Alterra 600 and Tracker 600 ATVs in July of 2022. This recall was based on the discovery that a fuse in the ATV’s electrical system could fail in operation, causing the vehicle to suddenly power off. At night, this includes the headlights. Although no accidents or injuries were reported, the sudden loss of power and light poses a crash hazard.

Textron’s recalled vehicles were sold in the United States and Canada in various colors, including green, gray, tan, red, white and STRATA camo. If you purchased one of these ATVs, check to see if the VIN is listed on the CPSC’s description of the recall. If you do have one of the faulty vehicles, immediately discontinue its use and contact the manufacturer to arrange a free fuse repair. You will be sent a replacement fuse and instructions on how to do it yourself, or else you can bring your vehicle to an authorized repair shop free of charge.


The majority of off-road vehicle recalls in 2022 came from Polaris Inc. Polaris was involved in three separate recalls of its OHVs and ATVs in 2022, and five recalls since December 2021. It has also already announced multiple recalls in 2023. Here’s a brief description of the products that were recalled in 2022:

  • Certain 2022 Outlaw 110 EFI Youth ATVs: fuel line leaks and fire hazards.
  • Certain 2022 Matryx RMK, INDY, SWITCHBACK, VOYAGEUR, and NORDIC PRO snowmobiles: potential failure of the throttle release to disengage, creating the potential for loss of vehicle control.
  • Certain 2022 2022 RZR Pro R 4 Premium and Ultimate models: potential electrical short due to incorrectly routed battery cables that may touch the prop shaft during operation.

All three of these recalls involved serious safety hazards and crash risks. Together, they represent thousands of Polaris vehicles recalled in 2022. Polaris delayed reporting known defects to the public and received a $27.25 million fine from the CPSC. If you have one of these defective vehicles, stop using it immediately and contact Polaris for a remedy.

OHV Recalls and Personal Injuries

If you were injured by an OHV or ATV that is part of a recall or has been reported for vehicle defects, you may be entitled to financial compensation through a product liability lawsuit. Contact the attorneys at Dormer Harpring for a free case review. If the strict product liability law applies to your case, you do not have to prove that the vehicle manufacturing company was negligent to qualify for a monetary award. Call (303) 747-4404 today to learn more about a potential case.