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Posted by on May 30, 2023

2022 Colorado Car Accident Fatality Stats

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of unintentional injury death in the United States. An early estimate for 2022 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 42,795 people died in motor vehicle traffic accidents nationwide. Fatal car accidents can happen when a family least expects it and cause immense emotional turmoil....
Posted by on April 20, 2023

What Happens if You Get in a Car Accident in a Company Car?   

If you get into a car accident while driving a company car, it can be difficult to understand your legal options for pursuing a financial recovery. You could be eligible for financial benefits through a workers’ compensation claim, a personal injury lawsuit, or both. Knowing how to navigate the claims process after a company...
Posted by on April 20, 2023

The Dangers of Pressure Cookers

By Sean Dormer   My wife and I have a one-year-old, which means we’re now old hands at figuring out ways to make dinner fast. (Although, I have to confess that Pediatrician Mom is a lot better at planning meals than I am, so I tend to dive into the chopping and shopping grunt...
Posted by on April 17, 2023

How to Choose a Safe Bike Helmet: Lessons from Defective Helmet Lawsuits

By Sean Dormer About a year ago, it was time for me to buy a new bike helmet. As coincidence would have it, I was also in the middle of a knock-down, drag-out court case against one of the world’s most well-known bike manufacturers about a defective helmet retention system. Our client’s helmet came...
Posted by on April 14, 2023

Lawsuit: Permanent Hearing Damage from Rolland Boss RC-3 Loop Station

By Sean Dormer Denver, Colorado - Dormer Harpring, LLC, has filed a lawsuit against the Rolland Corporation and its US subsidiary over an alleged defect in its Boss RC-3 Loop Station. Our position in the lawsuit is summarized as follows, and please see below for a related practice pointer: Hearing Damage Caused by Rolland...