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Trucking Settlement : $1,150,000

Our client was an EMT (and honorably discharged veteran) on his way to work when he was t-boned by a runaway truck that blew through a red light at a busy intersection. Although our client’s injuries were severe, the insurance company for the truck driver decided to play hardball because our client had a history of pre-existing combat injuries they thought they could use against him to avoid accepting responsibility.

Our client’s original attorneys hired Dormer Harpring as co-counsel to help prepare the case for trial. And, after Dormer Harpring attorneys Tim Garvey and Sean Dormer convinced the court to allow our client to seek a claim for punitive damages against the trucking company and its driver, they eventually relented and paid what was owed: $1,150,000.00.
If you or a loved one have suffered life changing injuries in a truck wreck—or any other crash—do what other attorneys throughout the state do for their own clients: hire Dormer Harpring to fight for you.