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News: Teen fatally hits 24-year-old man during chase in Aurora 

March 19, 2024Accidents In the News

AURORA, CO – A 17-year-old boy who was driving a stolen vehicle hit several parked cars, including one occupied vehicle, during a police chase, leading a 24-year-old man to suffer fatal wounds. 

According to the Aurora Police Department, the events unfolded when the 17-year-old boy was speeding in the area of Dallas Street and East 25th Avenue around 7 p.m. Sunday. Police who received a call regarding a carjacking incident noticed that the boy was driving the described stolen vehicle. As such, one officer attempted to pull the teenager over. However, he continued taking off, which initiated the chase, and the officer was then joined by two other officers. 

Eventually, the pursuit was terminated in the 1900 block of Dayton Street when the juvenile struck a speed bump, leading him to lose control of the car and hit the occupied vehicle and several stationary cars. 

The driver of that occupied vehicle, the 24-year-old man, succumbed to fatal wounds at the scene. The first responders took the 17-year-old boy to a hospital, where he was treated and then released. Following his release, police transported him to an Adams County juvenile detention facility. 

Police arrested and charged with “second-degree murder, aggravated robbery, and vehicular eluding causing death.” Authorities will not release his name, and our newsroom will not mention the teenager’s name in this article due to his status as a minor. 

Police said the initial call they received regarding the carjacking was also from a 24-year-old male adult but did not confirm if he was the same man who passed away. Still, the man who passed away will be identified by the Adams County Coroner’s Office. 

In addition, the three officers who did start the pursuit have now been placed on paid administrative leave. 

While officials have launched an investigation, they have not provided additional commentary at this time. 

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