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News: Suspect dead after Montebello pursuit-crash

October 30, 2023Accidents In the News

DENVER, CO – A suspect was fleeing from police, which led to a collision, and then them succumbing to a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound in the Montebello area Friday. 

Denver Police did not confirm what led to the pursuit but confirmed it came to an end in the area of East 45th Avenue and Peoria Street, according to a KDVR report. 

Two patrol cars sustained some damage, and an officer suffered minor wounds as a result of the crash. 

It is not immediately clear if the suspect who died from the gun wound was responsible for the collision or if it was another person who crashed into the police cruisers. These details, along with more information about the pursuit suspect, will be included in an updated post after our newsroom comes to learn more. 

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