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News: Federal Blvd. South in Denver shuts down after crash 

November 15, 2023Accidents In the News

DENVER, CO – The southbound lanes of Federal Boulevard have been shut down following a collision reported around 6:20 a.m. Wednesday. 

Total Traffic Denver confirmed the closure starts from West 52nd Avenue and ends at West 54th Avenue. Drivers in the area who need to get to I-76 can avoid this closure by exiting off West 50th Avenue and then driving on Zuni Street and then going onto West 56th Ave. or taking Regis Boulevard and continuing straight before getting onto the freeway. 


Officials have not publicly said when the scene will clear, when traffic should resume to normal, listed the number of people and vehicles involved, specified any sustained injuries, or indicated the sequence of events leading up to this collision. 

Our newsroom will continue to closely follow any pending information and will be sure to issue updates as they come our way. 

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