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News: Driver charged after Boulder crash that injured motorcyclist 

January 24, 2024Accidents In the News

BOULDER, CO – A driver will face charges after turning left at a junction and colliding with a motorcycle, resulting in the motorcyclist suffering serious wounds Tuesday. 

Boulder Police said this crash happened before 5 p.m. at the Broadway and Balsam Avenue intersection, which is in the Old North Boulder area. 

Police said the events of the collision unfolded when the driver, going north on Broadway, had turned left and entered the pathway of the motorcyclist, traveling south. As a result, both collided. 

While police did not specify the driver’s charges, it could be a failure to yield the right of way. Still, this charge, along with other information, including the motorcyclist’s current condition, will be posted as our news team comes to learn more. 

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