Tania Sanchez

Trial Paralegal

Tania was raised in a small town close to the border of US and Mexico, called Las Cruces, New Mexico. She began her career as a Victim’s Advocate, serving 2 years with the 2nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Albuquerque, New Mexico working cases involving felony and misdemeanor crimes. She was a Victim Specialist with the Denver City Attorney’s Office for 4 years and had front line contact with directly injured and affected public during the Summer 2020 protests, and the new Covid-19 implementations. She is currently enrolled at the University of Denver for two graduate certificates in Health Informatics and Global Public Health Program Management.

In her undergraduate education, she earned three degrees from New Mexico State University, including a Bachelor of Arts in Government and two Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in Economics and International Business. She also studied abroad in China and Spain. In that time frame, she assisted with educating students regarding global sustainability through the Organization of Aggie Students Inspiring Sustainability (OASIS) group. She served in several other volunteer organizations to support other students in gaining exposure to different cultures.

She is not a stranger to issues involving intersectionality. Growing up in a first-generation immigrant Mexican family where Spanish was the primary language spoken at home and English at school, she overcame many obstacles. She succeeded as a result of the compassionate services she received. It is her personal goal to pay it forward.


  • New Mexico State University - B.A. in Government, B.BA. in Economics, B.BA. in International Business
  • University of Denver - M.S. in Health Informatics, M.S. in Global Health Program Management