I have never used a personal injury attorney before. I see so many commercials on T.V. and frankly, I don’t trust them. It seems like they are more worried about making $$$
than they would be actually listening to my situation.

I contracted 3 attorneys that were recommended on Yelp and on NextDoor. Two of these attorneys did not take my case. I believe it was because there wasn’t enough profit for them.

The only attorney that was very attentive as I explained my case was Sean Dormer. He let me know that he could help me and was willing to take it on. Sean was able to negotiate a settlement that exceeded my expectations! He was OUTSTANDING!!

It may not have been a big money case (and profit) for most attorneys but it was important enough for me to pay my medical bills! I am so grateful for an attorney that does not just look out for the almighty $$$ but instead helps someone who so desperately needed it.

I just wanted to pass this along in case someone you know might need a recommendation.